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Each committee has a Chair appointed annually by the incoming President. The Chairs recommend Chiefs to serve on the committees based on Chief's requests and professional experience.

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The mission of this committee is to assure that the assets of the Association are safeguarded against loss from unauthorized use or disposition of funds and that the transactions are executed in accordance with the by-laws and the offices of the Association.  The committee accomplishes the mission annually by reviewing the records, as kept by the treasurer of the Association, for conformance with generally accepted accounting practices. The chair of the Committee will be the Second Vice President.    

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This committee exists to review and update the Association’s by-laws, to assure compliance with applicable federal and state statues and to assist in administering the Association through improved procedures.  The committee makes a thorough review of each by-law revision, to make sure certain that it is current and up to date, preparing any proposed changes in a timely fashion for review by the Executive Board and subsequent recommendation to the general membership for adoption.

Cadet Academy

The purpose of this committee is to establish a learning environment to educate young adults, ages 14 to 20, about law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The New Hampshire Police Cadet Training Academy officers a three-tier program, first year Basic, second year Advanced, and third year Leadership. The program is regimented with an emphasis on academics, and physical fitness.

Professional Assistance


The mission and purpose of this committee is to receive and investigate complaints made against our member chiefs that may be capricious, untrue, unfair, or political in nature and to advocate on behalf of said member chiefs, insuring that all legal rights and remedies, per New Hampshire R.S.A. 105, are afforded in any actions brought against any member chief.



The purpose of the committee is to assist the Executive Director to ensure that the Association holds a professional conference twice a year. The Conference Committee provides support to the Association throughout the year, assisting the Association President in the selection of sites, negotiations with staff, and planning both the summer and the winter conferences. Members of the conference committee perform tasks as assigned to facilitate conference planning with members of the selected site’s staff. Those tasks may include pre-conference and on-site registration, vendor notification and registration, meal and activities planning, guest lists, hospitality room coordination, room assignments, financial planning, and to assist with the solicitation of sponsors to enhance the conferences. Direct coordination between the Conference Committee, Finance Committee, Training Committee and Board of Officers is paramount to achieving a successful outcome for both the summer and winter conferences.


Criminal Justice Information Systems Committee is established to monitor and provide feedback on intra and inter-agency analog and digital communications and to ensure future interoperable communications capabilities with all agencies in the State of New Hampshire.

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Drug Enforcement

This committee provides liaison between the Association’s membership and the New Hampshire Drug Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and other groups working in the area of drug abuse prevention, treatment and enforcement. Provide the Executive Board, the general membership, and the other committees with advice and counsel in the area of drug enforcement.

Emergency Communications

The purpose of this committee is to encourage and promote the highest standards of professional conduct in emergency communications. The committee represents the Association in all aspects of public safety, radio, telephone, teletype, computer and microwave communications, and works with other segments of the public safety profession, elected and appointed officials, and public utilities, to ensure that the best possible communications systems are available to law enforcement in New Hampshire. The committee works with appropriate agencies to develop new and innovative approaches to communications systems that integrate all criminal justice system databases, to ensure maximum effectiveness in the field. The committee is a liaison with the Enhanced 911 Commission.



The Finance Committee shall be comprised of the Officers of the Association and others as the President deems appropriate. The Chair of the Committee will be the First Vice President.

The Committee’s purpose is set forth in Article XI of the Association by-laws. The committee prepares an annual budget for the Association and presents it to the membership for ratification. It also receives and makes recommendations on expenses not budgeted, prior to action by the Association or Executive Board, prior to the next meeting.

Ad Hoc Retired Chiefs


 Ad Hoc - Shall be appointed by the President as he/she deems necessary to the functioning of the Association.

Highway Safety

The Highway Safety Committee exists to promote safety on the streets and highways of New Hampshire by assisting in the coordination and assessment of traffic safety concerns and Increasing highway safety by providing aid in the presentation and of traffic safety programs.  Assisting Association Members, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency, and other related agencies with program development in the areas of traffic engineering, education, and enforcement.

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Legal Officer's Section

The mission of this Committee is to provide a mechanism for the fruitful exchange of information between police attorneys, prosecutors and legal advisors, and the member chiefs of the Association.  The legal Officers’ Section shall be responsible for providing legal advice when appropriate to chiefs throughout New Hampshire, upon request made through the association.  Such advice and support may also include filing amicus briefs when appropriate, upon request of the Association, and appear at legislative hearing on behalf of the Association when requested.  The resources of the Legal Officers’ Section will be organized, maintained, and deployed in a manner consistent with this mission.  The Legal Officers’ Section recognizes the need for a strong Chief’s Association, and will strive to further instill public confidence by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication and expertise in the delivery of all phases of law enforcement service throughout the criminal justice system.


The purpose of this committee is to secure the introduction of bills in the legislature, address problems encountered by the law enforcement community in the area of new criminal, juvenile, traffic, and other laws.  The committee also analyzes bills introduced in these areas, tracks them through the legislative process, and coordinates the efforts of our professional lobbyist. The committee works to maintain the solvency and integrity of the Group II Retirement System amd works with Association Lobbyist and the Conference Committee to invite members of the legislature to our meetings and annual conference, from time to time.

Membership & Mentoring

The mission of this committee is two-fold;  First, to ensure that all Police Chiefs in the State of New Hampshire are aware of the existence and benefits of our Association and second, to provide mentoringfrom brother Chief to new chiefs, in order to assist in their transition and recognition of the difficulties inherent in said position.  

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The mission of the Parliamentarian Committee is to advise the President, the Executive Board, and the leadership about the conduct of the meetings in compliance with Roberts' Rules of Order and the Association by-laws, and to rule on the legality of motions and actions coming before the body.

Professional Standards

The purpose is to promote and maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and to uphold the honor and integrity of the law enforcement community.  The Professional Standards Committee also serves as an advocate and resource for the Voluntary Accreditation Program Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies.  The Professional Standards Committee also administers, in partnership with the One Hundred Club of New Hampshire, an awards program to recognize New Hampshire police officers and citizens whose actions have gone beyond what is expected, and who have brought honor, bravery, pride, and dedication to the law enforcement profession and themselves.

SACOP Liaison


 The mission of the Liaison with State Association of Chiefs of Police Committee is to serve as a liaison between NHACOP and the Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police in the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).  The committee chairman or members are designated to attend regional and national SACOP meetings and bring a New Hampshire perspective to the work of this important committee.


The mission of this Committee is to award financial assistance to sons or daughters of New Hampshire police chiefs, sons and daughters of New Hampshire police officers, students interested in a law enforcement career as indicated by a course of study, or any deserving student who desires a college education, according to the above priorities. Each year, one scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 is awarded in memory of the late Chief Ray Burrows of Durham, one scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 is awarded in memory of the late Chief of Police John Ganley of Salem; additional scholarships may be awarded funds permitting.  Deadlines for application submittion are May 15th.  All scholarships are awarded once per year at the June General Membership meeting.  The Scholarship Committee additionally is required to act on disbursement of funds as authorized by the general membership of the Association.  It is our goal to increase the amount available and to someday make the scholarship fund self-perpetuating.

Scholarship applications  are available on-line and accepting open applications for the next awards. 


 Chief Goldstien worked hard to start the first team in NH of Law Enforcement and Counciling Professionals that are available for confidential peer support following critical incidents.

Torch Run

Since 1985 the goal of the NHACOP Torch Run Committee has been to raise funds for the Special Olympics New Hampshire Program that provides sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with mental challenges.  Additionally the mission includes raising public awareness of the efforts of the entire law enforcement community to improve the quality of life of citizens of New Hampshire.  In New Hampshire two thousand athletes participate in Special Olympics.  In New Hampshire the Torch Run is sponsored by NHACOP and internationally by the IACP.  The Torch Run covers the state border to border and includes 17 “legs” during which 300 law enforcement runners cover more than 850 miles of New Hampshire roads carrying the Special Olympics Torch to raise funds and awareness.  The law enforcement community has raised more than one million dollars in the history of the Torch Run, and this event remains to be one of the largest Special Olympics fundraising events.


Training is provided for guidance and support in determining topical areas and areas of interest for training that is provided to the Association.
Web Site The Web Site Committee is established by presidential appointment annually.  The committee is charged with proposing guidelines and reviewing content of web pages under the control of the Association. 

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